Artist Statement

My intent as an artist is to
With multi-textured, multi-layered
Paintings and photographs.
My hope is that viewers will bring
Their own sensibilities and experiences to my artwork
To make discoveries that resonate within them.
Thus, together, we create
A Collaborative Artistic Adventure.

As an intuitive artist my paintings and photograph reflect the complexities, textures and surprises of life. I spend most of my time in my studio “learning to paint like a child” without inhibitions or limits. All my work — paintings, colleges and photographs — emanate from a “knowing place” within me.

Much of my work incorporates materials including sand, string, bird feathers, glass beads, and even my husband’s underwear. “Things turn up serendipitously. One day, as I was about to do the laundry, I noticed that Michael’s T-shirt was in tatters. Thus was born ‘Italy’s Dirty Laundry’.”

My photographs are “created” in the Henri Cartier-Bresson tradition of “capturing a minute, a piece of reality”. They are not “constructed” in the computer.  Instead they are formed through creativity, intuition and spontaneity, in the camera, on film —  image upon image — resulting in “layered photographs” which reveal themselves more and more over time.

I have exhibited my paintings and photographs at numerous New York City venues including: La MaMa Galleria, Pen and Brush Gallery, the Modernage Gallery, the Donnell Library and the French Institute/Alliance Francais.  I am represented in New York City by The Pen and Brush, Inc. gallery.

In my new blog, “As an Artist…” I invite everyone to share my curiosity about the world swirling around me filled with art, food, travel, culture and — most of all — my encounters with extraordinary people. And I hope you’ll share some of your experiences with me.

– Susi Raphael