Artist Statement

My intent as an artist is to
Surprise people
With multi-textured, multi-layered
Paintings and photographs that emanate from
“A Knowing Place Within”.
My hope is that viewers will bring
Their own sensibilities and experiences to my artwork
To make discoveries that resonate within them.
Thus, together, we create
A Collaborative Artistic Adventure.

Passion for creating my art centers me and makes me feel alive.  As an intrepid traveler and the Host of Let’s Travel Radio, I am also inspired by the many places I have visited and love worldwide. For me, the meaning of life is to be engaged, and my art is a way to do that…to communicate with people, to touch them and to stimulate them.

My paintings and photographs reflect the complexities, textures and surprises of the life around me and the Earth we all live in.

My paintings and collages incorporate the Earth in the form of from sand, string, bird feathers, glass beads, and dirt.

My photographs are “created” in the Henri Cartier-Bresson tradition of “capturing a minute, a piece of reality”. They are not “constructed” in the computer. Instead they are formed through creativity, intuition and spontaneity, in the camera, on film — image upon image — resulting in “layered photographs” which reveal themselves more and more over time