Artist Statement

As an artist, my intention is to surprise people with multi-textured, multi-layered paintings and photographs. The layers in my artwork reflect the layers of life— the complexities, textures, and surprises of my life experiences. When I put my brush or palette knife on the canvas, or pick up my old Nikkormat camera, these “tools” become an extension of me and a way to discover the knowing place within me — my inner life.

My passion for creating art centers me and makes me feel alive.  As an intrepid traveler and the host of Let’s Travel Radio, I am also inspired by the many places I have visited and love worldwide. For me, the meaning of life is to be engaged, and my art is a way to do that…to communicate with people, to touch them and to stimulate them…so they can discover their own sensibilities and experiences through my works of art. Thus, together, we can create Collaborative Artistic Adventures.

I have had exhibitions at Ceres Gallery, National Arts Club NYC, 131 Eldridge Street Gallery, 2 Rivington Street Gallery, The Art Students League and The Pen and Brush, an organization dedicated to women in the arts since 1894. My work is in numerous private collections including the American Cancer Society and the Plow Share Group.