Posted on September 4th, 2012

As someone who did not spend most of her life As An Artist…, seeing those words in print really gives me a thrill! So, I’m glad you’ve joined me to explore My Life As An Artist.

For years I would walk into art stores, look around wishing I had a reason to buy the very seductive paints, brushes, gels, palette knives and other tools of the artistic trade and then after buying a token art supply to stash away in my ” future art” drawer, walk back out. Now, I go into art stores, buy art supplies and actually use them! What a great feeling!

So, where do I indulge myself? Blick Art Materials at 1-5 Bond St., between Lafayette and Broadway.

Not only do they have a vast assortment of everything I could ever want…and I want it all… but the salespeople (artists all) are not only helpful and very knowledgeable about the products and how to use them but are also quite nice. And I do need help since, except for a year at the Art Students League in NYC I never went to art school. This could actually be a good thing since I don’t follow any of the “rules”. Something I’m not very good at in general. I just let the Universe, My Muse, My Instincts, whatever guide me, come through me. I just DO IT! And boy is it fun!

Blick has been serving artists since 1911, and when I first set up my studio in November 2010, I ordered a ton of stuff online . It is truly a feast for the artistic soul. I ordered enough supplies to paint many towns red, blue, yello, burnt sienna, gold, silver, black and white, gesso them, adorn them with glass bead gel and finish them off with a coat of varnish. Yes, Blick is a feast for the artist in everyone.

And speaking of feasts, as you will discover, feasting and eating and food are also my passions. So, often when I leave Blick, as I’m walking to my studio on the Lower East Side, I stop for a croissant or other dolce at Ceci Cela at 14 Delancey Street.

Biting into the croissant is a remembrance of past trips to Paris. Bliss!